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In my previous journal (that I just posted), I said I made a little "civilization" for him. Here it is:


*Married wolves wear collars, but if one of the people in the married couple is not wolf in any way, the wolf wears the collar.
*Different wing colors imply different things about them.
In my previous journal (that I just posted), I said I made a little "civilization" for him. Here it is:


*Married wolves wear collars, but if one of the people in the married couple is not wolf in any way, the wolf wears the collar.
*Different wing colors imply different things about them.
Daniel, if you're unfamiliar, is a light-grey wolf from Canada (a French part.). I love him so much, and I have for over a year, because that's about the time when I made him. Now, these wolves are, like, REALLY common to find. CasualSusan, Sashley, and more. I feel so unoriginal because all of those wolves have hoodies and wings (Dark ones.). I like being an original person, and I like Daniel's design, Hell, I even made POLITICS and a CIVILIZATION out of them, but they probably won't follow it. If they do, I'm still changing Daniel. All of the wolves I have mentioned (Daniel, Susan, Sashley) all have the following similar traits: Our <3 Status is Sans, we're lightly colored, we have hoodies, We have dark colored wings, and we're wolves. The only differences: Daniel is a gay dude (which I'll change too, since gay is now unoriginal), Susan is Pepsi Queen, and Sashley has kids. I'm scared to do this, and if I don't feel like doing this, I'll kindly ask to start a gang.
yeah i'm doing this

-no joke names (ex: trhthdgfgs, poopeaterant123)
-no commenting the name you want/no spamming names (or anything rlly)
-idk do whatever besides that

how you enter
-watch me (+1) (please don't unwatch after)
-favorite this (+1) (please don't unfav after)
-make a journal about it (+3) (must have the name you want in it)
-tag peeps (up to 8) (+4 for each) (may not tag me)

-Draw me fan-art >:3c (+5)
-Be my friend/Someone I know (+0.2)
-Give me some points (Up to 5 if you donate) (+1 for each point) (sorry if this one was greedy i just need points so i can donate to others.)

Winners get
1st Place (Mystery Adoptable, Badge, 10 Points (if i get any, if not then free fan-art))
2nd Place (Mystery Adoptable, 5 points (if i get any, if not then free request (NO FETISH ART)))
3rd place (3 points (if i get any, if not then a redesign, if you don't want that then a free OC))

then i choose a name out of the three i guess.
Link: book cover contest! (if you want to join too I guess, NOT MINE BTW)

My drawing:  Koanne by IvonnaTaco110

I tag: s-tarliqt and cutiepie185
Requests, Art Trades, Commissions, and Point Commissions are open. DO NOT ASK IF THESE ARE OPEN, PLEASE.
I will do an RP with you guys because I'm bored and why the heck not? Rules: -Can Be Giantess, Just No Fetish (Like You Can Have a Giantess I Don't Mind But Just Please No Fetish) -No Spam -Character Switch is Allowed, But I Need a Reason (Ex: The Character is Talking to The Other) -You Don't Have to Roleplay With Me, But Ask Permission for Others -No Swearing (Unless You Put A Beep Over) -Any Fandom is Fine, But You Must Tell Me/Whoever You're RPing With -I Can Change Rules When I Want, Suckaaaa. 
Okay, so you'll now see more drawing on paper than on computer, I want to improve more so my art doesn't end out being lazy and look like this:…

..Yeah. So, I'll probably post a TON of paper art! Bye bye! ~^v^~

 So, normally, I don't do suggestions. But I'm bored so I want a suggestion like right now. So, if you want, pick one of your OCs and I will draw them!


                                                                                                                   You must send a link to me telling me what your OC looks like

                                                                                                                   Don't spam it. The more you spam your OC, the more I'll say no

                                                                                                                   Don't use fake words. Ex: lol, lmao, fml, kys, kms, smh (etc.)

                                                                                                                                                       Have fun   :D
(Daniel)                                                                                                        (Sans)

Where are you?                                                                                          I'm in bed.

-_-                                                                                                               What?

Well being in the strip club sure makes you tired.                                     What do you mean?

Look behind you.                                                                                   

                                   Sans has left.
  You play with your friends on the surface. They seem to be staring at you, "Hey Frisk! Think fast!" Jordan yells. You catch the ball right before it hits your face, "Hey Sebastian! Can you handle this?" you say. You throw the ball and it hits him in the face, "MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!" he screams. You see a dark shadow go over Charlotte's head. She giggles, "You thought you could get rid of me? What a fool. I've been waiting to see you, Frisk," says Chara.  

(Y/N): Yes: Continue Story. No: You Avoid The Lab
(Hi!/What Do YOU Want?!): Hi!: Continue Story. What Do YOU Want?!: "Attitude. Nice, I like it!" she says. (Continue Story)
(You Ask If She's Okay/You Laugh): You Ask If She's Okay: Continue Story. You Laugh: "Hey! That's rude!" She kicks you out.
(You sniff her hair and give it to her/You give it to her without thinking and whack her with it): You Sniff Her Hair And Give It To Her: "Uh... You do realize I don't shower. Right?" she says. Continue Story.
  It was wet, it was cold. But you found a sign. "(Y/N), there's a new place!" you say. You find a lab. You knock. A mysterious figure opens the door. You get whacked by her giant pigtails, "Oh! Sorry, didn't see you!" she says as she approaches you, "(Hi!/What do YOU want?!) She tells you that you can stay there for a bit. You try to grab hold of her hand, but you miss, "This is the lab. Feel free to stay as long as you want!"  She takes you to the "experiments room." "Okay, watch this!" she exclaims as she adds 2 random chemicals together without thinking. One of her ponytails fall off. (You ask if she's okay/You laugh) She tells you, "Yeah I'm okay... Now can I please have my hair back?" "Oh! Yeah..." (You sniff her hair and give it to her/You give it to her without thinking and whack her with it) "So... uh... what now?" you ask. "Well, we could go to the trash dump and look for stuff..?" she says unconfidently. The river person gives you a ride to the trash dump, "So... here we are!" (You find some flowers and a necklace in the trash and give it to her/You find two foam swords and ask if they could spar) "Thanks!" she sneezes. (You find sparklers and a hot air balloon..?/You give her a plushie that smells like chocolate from your pocket) "Thanks so much! I'll cherish this forever!" She keeps sniffing it over and over, "Oh my lord this smells like awesome..."  "So, uh, what should we do now?" you ask. She stands very still... She stays there... There is an awkward vibe coming our way, until finally she speaks, "HEY!" she yells, "Wanna check out my guns?" she asks. "(Y/N)," you say. She finds some rusty targets, "Can you hold these up for target practice?" she asks. "(Y/N)," you reply. "Oh! Well then, wanna head back to the lab?" she asks. "(Y/N)," you reply. We find a mysterious figure who was willing to take us to the lab, "Only 5G!" they say. "Oh, I got this one. I have over 1,000G," she says. They take us to Hotland... with a... dog... boat... Well, after we made it, we found a water cooler, and I got a drink, "Uh... you shouldn't do that, those are for Undyne..." she says, "Uh... Sorry... But who's this... 'Undyne'?" "NGAH!" a mysterious... fish... says..? "Oh! Wassup Undyne!" she says, "Oh hey Jordan!" Undyne replies. Yes! We got her name! (So, wanna go out?/Well if it isn't Eggs Benedict) She laughs. She laughs so hard you can literally see her face turn blue. She passes out. ("You okay?"/ You poke her with a stick) "Yeah I'm fine... Hey look my face is my favorite color!" she replies. We head back to the lab, "Can I see more experiments?" you ask. "Sure!" she replies. You go back to the Experiments Room and you see her carefully add two chemicals this time. They were unstable... The beaker fizzes. You see the door open as the lab explodes, "Alphys it's not what it looks like..." Jordan says. Alphys drops everything in her hands, "Uh, Jordan, who is this Alphys?" you ask. She points to Alphys, "Ohhhh..." you say. She runs off. Well, besides blowing up the lab... This was a very successful date!

Name: Kandy

Nickname(s): Sweets

Gender: Female

Age: around 13

Species/What Are They: Cyclops

Soul (Color): White

Sexuality: Straight


Atc: 20

Def: 30

Exp: 1

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Orbs

Weapons: Orbs

Fighting Style: Uses Weak Attacks and Uses Stronger Ones the Next Attack


Friends With: N/A

Neutral With: Monsters/Humans

Enemies With: N/A

Family: She Can't Remember

Crush(es): Sans

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single


Personality Towards Humans: Okay

Personality Towards Strangers: Okay

Personality Towards Friends: Helpful and Caring

Strengths: Being Cheered On

Weaknesses: Being Killed after Being Spared

Flaws: She Has No Friends, No One Has A Crush On Her, And She Has Trouble With Conversations

Likes: Texting, Going for Walks, Trying to Make Friends, Being Called 'Cute'

Dislikes: Spiders, Being Feared, Her Fears, Being Called 'Sexy'

Fears: Spiders, Anything Bigger than Her


Eye Color: Greenish Blue

Clothes: Red Sweater with a Skirt, Pink Stockings and Purple Shoes

Hair: Pink Ponytail

Skin: Human Colored

Other: Nothing Really...


Alignment: Good Guy

Goals/Purpose: To Make Friends

Job: N/A

Items: Orbs


Backstory: There Really Isn't One Unless You're a Human...
 This day was different from the others, the atmosphere was all gloomy, the ground had been wet from the rain yesterday. Senpai and everyone else came to school. Everyone had known that she had killed Midori the other day. The only people who did like her were Info-Chan, and the Nemisis, after she heard all over school she killed someone. Everyone was afraid, and they all wanted to murder her after what they all had seen. Only one person had wanted to kill her most. Osana Najimi. Osana walked over to Yandere-chan's locker, she placed a note inside. It said, "I would like to speak to you about bullying. Please meet me at the incinerator at 7:15 AM. I hope to see you there," Senpai knew where this was going after she had told him, "I'm gonna speak to Yandere-Chan at 7:15. So you better not plan to speak to me then, BAKA!" He laughed nervously. The clock hit 7:15. Yandere-Chan rushed to the incinerator. She was thinking, Why the incinerator? She knows she had experienced murdering people, but no clue why she would go to the incinerator WITHOUT a corpse. Osana walked over to the incinerator. Senpai was spying, for he was getting scared, "Oh... So... You came to talk to me about-" She was CUT SHORT (ayyyy) by being stabbed right in the chest by the sharpest knife in the Cooking Club, "W-why would you do this?" said Yan-chan. Her life flashed before her eyes, until this very moment. She started laughing, "I will come back. I will," she died right before Senpai's eyes, luckily, he recorded this footage, "Oh my god! Is she dead? I have to get the nurse! She could still be alive!" Senpai said to Osana. He cried, then sprinted into the school. He said to her teacher, "I saw Yandere-Chan by the incinerator! I think she's dead!"

                                                         TO BE CONTINUED, STAY AWESOME PEEPS~
It was a foggy night, Antony and his friends went out to look for bats. "Guys this seems d-d-dangerous!" cries Lucille. "WUSS!!!!!" yells Emma. "Calm down, especially you, EMMA!" exclaims Audrey. "Guys come on you're all being wusses! Let's just get to the woods!" says Antony, looking at them. Everyone seems scared. "Come on you sissies! Get a game face on!" says Antony, not realizing a bear is about to murder him. They all run away, except Antony. "FINE! WHO NEEDS ALL YOU WUSSES!" he screams. He turns around. The bear attacks Antony, he knows he could defeat it, so he does. Blow after blow after blow, killing the bear. He chuckles and pretends he's dead. Everyone's back! "Antony, You've been here all night! WAKE UP MAGGOT!" yells Melissa. "IT'S TIME TO TR-..." Melissa yells, but pauses. "Bro? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHUHUHUHUUUUUWWW!!!" yells Mark. "He's dead? HE'S DEAD!!! YESH! NOW HE WON'T TRY TO STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND!!" yells Jack. They all abandon him. He makes a wax clone of himself. Antony hides. AT HIS GRAVE... "I'm glad he's gone, he didn't..." says Jack, not finishing. "YOU DON'T MISS HIM?! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE RELATIONSHIP OF ME AND HIM!!!" screams Mark, crying. "I DIDN'T FINISH TRAINING WITH HIM! HE IS MY BEST STUDENT OF KARATE!!!!!!!" cries Melissa. "Alright, now they leave," says Antony. He destroys the wax clone and runs into where the clone was. DAYS LATER... (to be continued)